Saturday, 24 November 2012

The One with the Everyday Life

Days past, and Erik fell into a routine. He would wake early, leave his sleeping wife in bed, and then eat a bowl of rather tasteless cornflakes. All the while, he was mentally preparing for his job. Organ donor sounded horrible as it is, yet he was now the grunt. Forced to write others paperwork, collect coffee and clean up after others. 

Even the carpool wasn't top of the mill. 

Each morning, after her husband had left, Temperance would head to the local beach for a early morning swim. After watching Marty Keaton die, she had been reluctant to visit the local pool once more. 

Besides, what could go wrong by swimming in the ocean?

This was followed by her nap, as she tried to gain a tan without the use of a machine. 

"Ew." Temperance said, as she threw up on the ground. She rubbed her stomach  as she tried not to vomit again, Why was she suddenly feeling so light headed? With a brief notion to not tell her husband (who would freak and then try and give her every test possible) she sat back down and fell back to sleep.  

Ah! Golden Brown. 

"Erik?" She mumbled, as she looked at the caller ID. She looked around, wondering if he was there, before placing the object to her ear. "Why aren't you at work?"

"The park?" She questioned, as he ignored her question. "Erik, is this some sort of game? Fine. Okay. I'll be right there."

Hour later, and the two sat in the park. Temperance couldn't believe her husband - who had brought her there in order to spoil her for their year anniversary. They ate the watermelon, they joked about the past and they watched the stars. It was almost perfect - which is something neither had felt for a long time. 

Later, as Erik pushed Temperance on the swings, they both knew that neither wanted that night to end. The night there were no worries about money, or about how they would eat. 

That evening, as they made it home, Temperance felt as ill as she had at the beach. She tried to hide the fact, as Erik played around with his telescope in the back garden. What was wrong with her? Could she really be ill?

Now... this?

This could complicate things. 


Erik didn't want to worry. After all, the builders he had hired had promised to have everything perfect for when they arrived. He couldn't help but wonder with his wife had been correct in saying they should have just rented a apartment instead.

The Potter Family Home
With their money, Erik had known he couldn't spend much at all. There had been enough for a bedroom, bathroom, nursery and a large family area. Hardly the manor he had grown up in. Yet, larger then the caravan Temperance had been born into. 

Ah. That was better. 

Temperance stared at the house quietly, as Erik look on apprehensive. He hadn't shown her the blueprints, wanting it to be a surprise. Now, he wished that he had. 

"I know it's small. We can expand as we grow as a family."

Silence. Temperance turned around to face him. Erik swallowed. 

"It will do."

Temperance didn't sound convinced, and Erik froze, before grabbing her hand. 

"I want to show you something!"

"I know it's too early. That we agreed to wait for children until after my career takes off. I just wanted us to have somewhere ready. Somewhere for our family to rest."

Temperance smiled. It was a honest one, something Erik hadn't seen since their wedding. Since telling her they were moving to a small town no one had heard off before. She stared at the crib, and thought about the family they would one day be able to spoil and to love. 

"It's perfect." 

Life moved quickly for the Potter's. The day after moving in, Temperance got started in trying to remember how to make a autumn salad. It had been a few years since she had to cook, and seeing as Erik was able to find a way to burn water if they wanted to eat, she knew it was down to her - or order take out.  

Erik, meanwhile, was taking a break from his vigorous workout routine, in order to find a job within the paper. The one he had arrived in Sunset Valley for, as a school doctor, had fallen through. It was almost like the gods were against their happiness. Politician  No. Chef? Right.... Alien tester? What kind of town had they moved too?!

"Organ Donor." Erik spoke out loud, sighing at the fact it was only 22 per hour. That would barely cover their bills, and allow them for food also. Scribbling a circle around the job, Erik knew it was the only way he would be able to practice medicine in this town.

"You should take it." Temperance commented that lunch time, as the two sat down to eat the salad. "Think about it Erik, you love being a doctor. We'll be able to cope."

Erik looked worried for a moment. 

"Tempie, are you sure?"

She smiled, taking his hand into her own. 

"I love you. Of course I am sure."

They continued their meals in a quiet, somber mood. 

I'll go and apply this afternoon." Erik said finally, breaking the silence. Temperance nodded in agreement. "Unless you have any plans for is?"

"I'm heading to the pool. It's ninety out there, and all reports show that Sunset Valley had the nicest ones around. Summer will be over in a few weeks, better make good use of the weather."

That afternoon, Temperance fell asleep in her comfortable deck chair...

...whilst Erik got the job, and then headed home in order to brush up on his logic. 

Unforgettably for Temperance, the grim reaper showed up and ruined her afternoon. The victim? A male named Marty Keaton who Temperance had never seen before. 

...and then the Grim Reaper decided to have a breathing contest with Temperance in the pool. 

Temperance could hardly contain herself when she went home. Crying into her husband shoulder  about the very first death she had witnessed, he explained about the first he had witnessed during his placements. 

"You never forget your first death, Tempie."

And the two tried to forget about death, as they settled down for the night...



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